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Lodge fire

Welcome to this sacred place
Take off your shoes
You are on Holy Ground
As we walk upon this hillside land
as we gather around the sacred fire
Let all smoke be that of prayer
an offering to the four directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky
Let all words woven here be as gentle as the deer
wise as the owl 
 speaking only truth
that we may remember  where we are from
 discover where we are going
That all life is sacred.
I am excited that people from all over the world are visiting this site,
Please sign the guest book and share your insights

You are invited to  dive in, test the water  to discover  pages and pages of thoughts, poetry, spiritual disciplines for activating the artist within that is an expression of your unique HeartSpirit. Enjoy the journey.

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This is the Home of Talking and Singing Stones:
Mother Earth.
The Home which we share with all the peoples of the earth and all creatures of the earth.

Here we meet Relatives who sing and speak to us,
with us and for us.

According to the Story Tellers of this ancient land, the stone relatives are the eldest of the Elders. From the void they emerged before anything else; therefore they are a witness to all that has emerged. They are the record keepers. They hold within themselves all knowledge and all wisdom.

Now If one is very quiet and listens carefully the stones will speak to you and to your heart.They have a song that they desire to sing for you.

This is a place for stones to speak and for us to hear them sing.

Mindfully of our Unity and Connection with all Life

Giving Honor and Respect for The Sacredness of Mother Earth

Discover the Harmony and Balance of Body, Mind, Spirit and Relationships

Focus your Responsibility, share your Wisdom and Resources

We are ALL in the Great Work creating a Just and Peaceful World for all the peoples.

It All Begins with Listening

Now we begin to create and transform
The New World 


How Singing Stones Came To Be

We sit on a hill in the Green Country of Oklahoma.
This place is Muskogee Creek lands,
but in even more ancient times,
hunting and camping grounds
for many earlier tribal peoples.

An ancient natural grinding stone
speaks to us of women
who once ground their food grains.
Around the fires,stories were told,
skills were taught;
clothing, cooking,hunting and ceremonial items
were created with beautiful designs
that expressed both daily life and spiritual visions.
And the women were always singing.

The Stones watched, listened
and they remembered.
Now when Night has covered Earth Mother
with sleep robes woven with the patterns
of Moon and Stars,
when one listens with the SpiritHeart,
the women can be heard
singing with the Winds and the whispers
of the Trees.

River flows underground with Life Waters.
Birth of Day is blessed by Hawk
and Eagle circles with watchful eye.
The Land gives birth to Story.
With a longing yearning desire,
Stone has a story, Tree has a story.
All the creatures join the Circle
for these sacred moments
of speaking and listening.

Here at Singing Stones
we stop,listen and hear
the Story the land is speaking.
We discover and tell the stories
that are within ourselves.
Here we connect with Mother Earth,Father Sky,
the Great Mystery of The Sacred Circle of Life.
We discover there is Harmony and Balance.
We are related as family.

This place of hospitality and welcome
is held in trust
to support the spiritual longing
that is in each of us,
a Gift from the Creator for the Good of All.
A sacred Trust
for healing of the wounded Spirit.

The Sacred Task is to share and grow
with others, leaving the destination
to The Great Mystery.
We are clearing the trail, trusting Spirit.

Trusting the Voices of the Ancient Stones.
With Gratitude!!

How We Are Telling the Story

This land speaks the Ancestral Heritage and Wisdom of Native Peoples who shared a view of the Universe as the Sacred Circle of Life.They were conscious of the life energies expressed by the Four Directions of East, South, West and North. We trust The Great Mystery to Guide The Sacred Work of living and telling The Story and Honoring the Land.

 We RETREAT in silence, providing ourselves with the space to LISTEN, allowing new VISIONS to emerge, to FOCUS our inner life and being to CREATE new images for human life that give Honor and Respect to All who share The Life of The Great Circle. With gratitude for Mother Earth who provides a Home For All.

"When old words die out on the tongue,new melodies break forth from the heart: and where old tracks are lost, new country is revealed with all it's wonders." .... Rabindranath Tagore


Provide creative, wholistic experiences that enhance our abilities to LISTEN, VISION, FOCUS and CREATE
 ways of calling forth the story of OUR Inner Heart;
discovery and empowerment for Our Spiritual Journey.

HOW WE WORK; ....We Design Individualized Retreats for Individuals and Small Groups using

  •   Sacred Circle Labyrinth Walks,
  •  Creative Movement,
  •   Meditative Artistic Forms,
  •  Journaling, 
  •  Poetry AND Storytelling 
  • Mindfulness Meditation

Who I Am

I grew up in the woods of the Ozark Mountains. Neighbors were miles away so my friends and playmates were the stones, the trees, the animals and the birds. Very early in my life, even before I started to school, I was given the space to roam the hills, discovering cliffs, creeks and caves. I later learned that Cherokee People do not interfer with the lessons the woods have to teach their children. I learned to trust the land, I learned to trust the seasons and I was learning to trust life.

Later I left the hills, but I took the lessons with me.
My Spirituality and My sacred work is centered in Honor and Respect for the Sacrednes of Creation, Connection and Interdependence of All Life and Harmony and Balance of Body, Mind, Spirit and Relationships. My work is one of bridging and connection of the seperations that divide us, the healing of the Sacred Circle.
Whatever your faith tradition, the deep center of it has these facets inbedded within and will be enhanced.

I am an advocate for the Seeker, calling forth the Spirit that is the essence of each of us, by means of Listening and the methods of Meditative Arts. These give a safe space for what is most your true self, sometimes hidden.

This web-space is an expression of my own inner life which I share with you. I hope it nourishes and heals your Spirit.
The WordWeaver of Singing Stones


Yes! Yes! Yes!

To connect with the land is to connect with life

It is to say Yes to Life 

This Land Has a Song !

This Land has a Story!

 You are being invited to Listen with Your Heart Spirit

 Something profound is being said to you

By the sounds of the Water, through the textures of the Stones,

 In the whispering of the Trees

 With the rustling movement of the grasses

What is the message of what You Do Not See?

Of What You Do not Hear?

There IS a message and a teaching here.

 It is for you to discover.

 There is always more to the Story.

 What happens on the land stays on the Land.

 It is moving with the Winds and this story is longing to be heard.

 Be Very Still.

Listen with your heart .You will receive the Gift that is the HeartBeat of the Earth.

 You will connect with my HeartBeat. You will connect with your own.


 Let this time and space be a Mini-Retreat of Spiritual Renewal

 for yourself as you connect with the land and your inner self

  •  Preparation

 Gather Your Art Materials with a conscious intention and awareness that you are working in a Sacred Manner with sacred materials.

Turn on your favorite quiet music or connect with one of the links on this site.

Light a candle-- Burn some Incense

 Bless your space in a manner that is comfortable for you.

 Remember Your Work is Holy!

 You will need:. A Journal or sketch book, Colored Pencils, Index Cards. Collage Materials of Magazine pictures, glue, sizzors.

 Whatever thoughts, ideas, insights are generated, put them in your journal.

 Doodle and Scribble.

 You may work through the entire site to connect with the mood and the opportunities that are here and waiting for you.

  Focus on what grabs you:

 It may be one image, poem or exerciseor you may be inspired to create one of your own.

 Let your intuition take you down whatever trail you want to go.

 Return often. Have fun

This is a work in process; what is here today may not be here tomorrow.

 There may be something new!

 Communicate with us to share your experience.

 It also makes us feel good.



 a meditation by Joyce Hifler

 The human spirit is priceless beyond our imagination.

How many times have we seen the most unlikely person

overcome the most extraordinary situation?

How  often have we marveled that someone so weak

 can take control of life and whip it into shape without tears

 or self-pity or anything else remotely on the downside.

 Right here and now, life turns a corner,

not just in view of what we can see and hear,

 but on the strength of invisible things,

of thoughts and feelings and inner leadings.

 Each of us has a spirit that is wiser, more tender,

more loving than anyone can imagine.

To sit quietly and realize we are at home within ourselves,

 we are a part of all that is important...

 and anything wrong is so small in the Great Overall Mind.

 Enjoy!Enjoy! Enjoy



Creating a New Vision....Weaving a New Dream

There are the times when the well has just run dry. you may feel you are wandering in the desert and there is no water to be found These are the moments and the times of deep unrest and the nameless longings of the heart that can be given no name. but it is also a time of great challenge and opportunity. Well this link gives an opportunity to express what is the most  troubling  and frustrating for you but also the dreams  and visions you are weaving into the patterns of your life. All of us are engaged in the transformation that is happening in us and around us so this is a place to create your dreams.
Find your voice for a more human world with the words of your story, your questions and musings, your poetry and your dreams. Share your knowledge and Wisdom. Our Lives  depend on it.



Beautiful  Flowers for Beautiful People

"We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality,
tied in a single garment of destiny...Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly...MLK Jr.
'never underestimate the inner stirrings of your heart. It is here that one is asking 'how is the coming generation to live'.

Here in this space I give honor
-- to a redhaired, brown eyed mother who taught me to love the land and who kept her spirit and soul alive by singing and telling stories.She lived a life of courage and hope and a deep refusal to give up her center of intergrity
--to a Father, who taught me to walk softly in the woods because we were guests there,a survivor of a war who was infused with a peaceful heart
--to both of them who did not interfere with the lessons the woods had to teach this child,
--to my brother who in his own way, connected me with a world beyond the one I knew and who first recognized the'singing' grinding stone. He was much more spiritually aware than what he would ever admit,he too was infused with a love for stones.
--to my four children who are continually teaching me to just let go and walk alongside.
--to a host of spirit friends and colleagues who have taught me the power of 'spirit family'. You all know who you are.
--To the grandchildren, Katrina, Pat, Alex and Natalie, for whom I continue the struggle for a more peacefull world. It is for them I will not give up either hope or vision.
-- David and Grace, 'the greats'; children of the future who hear with different ears and expansive hearts. Because of them, I see with a different eye and hear with a different ear.
--to the 'stonekeepers',, all of you who just showed up like Spirits when it was time to create the dream.
--BJ. 14 pounds of autumn gold fur and unconditional love, all of which shows through his dark brown eyes and wagging tail.
--And for  all the teachers who have appeared in my life, the ones to whom I have never had to explain my native soul and who have also called it forth.
-- and for all of you who have believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself.