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Spirituality Of The Ordinary
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The Spirituality
of The Ordinary

This is in process. In the
how about a meditation




In between making the meals and washing up the dishes
dusting out all the dust,making the beds and scrubbing out the bathroom.
carrying out the trash, driving to work, mowing the grass, and making sure there is food in house, getting the kids to school, and listening to how things were not so good out there today. there's clothes to be washed, dryed, folded and put away.

Just an ordinary day without blank spaces in which to muse or sometimes even think, much less do anything close to meditation, whatever that is.
Life is just all a tangle. There's the deadlines to meet, work to be done and bills to pay.

But have you ever thought of it this way?There's 'something more': like all of this is keeping the
day HOLY, an offering to those around us, sometimes to those we like the least. Perhaps all IT is offering bread to the hungry, even when we don't feel fed ourselves.

I think I will start thinking a different way about all the tangles, and the ordinary day will be 'something more' than just a tangled ordinary day.

Hey! This was supposed to be about blank spaces.