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We are the people of this land
we were created out of the forces
of earth and sky, the stars and the waters.
we must make sure the balance of the earth be kept.
thre is no other way.

We must struggle for our lives
We must take great care with each other.
Nothing is seperate from us

We are one body of people.
we must struggle to share
our human lives with each other.

We must fight against those forces
Which would take our humanity from us.
We must insure that life continues

With that humanity and the strength
which comes from our shared concerns
for this life,

The People shall continue.

Simon J. Ortiz....acoma


East of my grandmother's house the sun rises out of the plain. Once in his life a man ought to concentrate his mind upon the remembered earth, I believe. He ought to give himself up to a particular landscape in his experience, to look at it from as many angles as he can, to wonder about it, to dwell upon it. He ought to imagine that he touches it with his hands at every season and listens to the sounds that are made upon it. He ought to imagine the creatures there and all the faintest motions of the wind. he ought to recollect the glare of noon and all the colors of the dawn and dusk.
- From The Way to Rainy Mountain by N. Scott Momaday

The Preservation and Protection of Sacred Land and Site are of Concern all over the World. This site is both informative, challenging and inspiring.
 This is just one of many groups that are working to bring about preservation and a heightened Spiritual and Political Consciousness.

'to journey without being changed is to be a nomad.
to Change without journeying is to be a chameleon. to journey and be transformed is to be a PILGRIM.
..... from The Book of Awakening.....


Ruins of The Ute Mountains.
A recent journey to the Ute Mountains and a connection with a Ute/Cheyenne Guide has expanded my consciousness as to the power of Sacred Places. Reflections since, as to places I have traveled I am aware that each of these have created a deep level change of direction and decision in my life and the purpose of the inner and outer journey:
so the following will become a sharing of some of the stories of my inner self related to these most sacred of places upon this Mother Earth. It has all been a Pilgrimage.

My hope is that as you reflect upon your own life journey, the sacredness of the stops where you have placed your feet and your being will emerge as sources of power that continue to guide your SoulSpirit.
This is a work in Process.

More will come as the Story unfolds.

Meanwhile this page continues to be a work in process.


New Mexico and The Sandia.

The Sandia Mountains of New Mexico, are called the 'watermelon' mountains because as the setting sun casts its rays from the Western sky, they turn varying shades of pink, mauve and red. As I took the Tramway  to the top of the Mountain; thousands of feet above the valley floor, a movement caught my eye from a mountain ledge. As I looked closer, it was the movement of a flying eagle. She was pushing her eaglets off the ledge.They would flutter downward. Just as they were about to hit the rocks below, she would move in under them and with the force of her wings bring them back  to the ledge. Then again, she would push them off the ledge. I watched with amazement this process.

These thoughts emerged as I felt myself suspended by thin wires across the mountain valley floor The tram moved slowly toward the high vista .Voices of other travelers fading away with only the majesty of the Watermelon mountains within my consciousness. Craggy heights of stones holding eons of age embraced my Spirit. Lost in the wonder of ancient earth voices, I began to see. Far below, oblivious of these human intruders the eagle was flying across the canyon, darting downward, then gently flowing with the winds, trusting the thrusts of unseen currents Then with other eyes I saw for the first time the student flyers, oh so timidly being pushed off the ledge finding their wings and strength trusting the winds to power their flight.

 Transfixed in this moment of time I received the message from the keeper of the mountains 'It is time to let the young find their strength to fly, their  time to leave the nest Trust the winds that will fly you home to yourself.' I thought,' Can this Eagle create a new nest on another Mountain?'

There will always be the Power of the Sandia and the Eagle infusing my consciousness Because Sandia Eagles spoke to my soul which with deep yearning was just beginning to learn to fly.

Just trust the Winds and move with their currents..

The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the dust and blood of our ancestors."
--Plenty Coups, CROW
Mother Earth is the source of life and the place all life returns to. She gives us life. She feeds us through our journey and she waits for us to return to her. The Indian way is to recognize the earth as the place of our ancestors. That is why certain places on earth are considered sacred areas and sacred land; this is the place of our ancestors. We all need to reflect upon the earth, the place where our ancestors lived. We need to have love and respect for the earth.

My Creator, let me honor the place of our ancestors, Mother Earth.




Wichita Mountains :Mt Scott


This link is an on-line magazine of environmental emphasis that is just a wonder. It makes significant connections between creativity, Art, Spirituality and practical ways to live with environmental awareness and responsibility.
With gratitude to Jim Wheeler for connecting me with this resource

Something amazing happens when you become aware of the sacredness of the land where you have placed your spirit. You then begin to know that all the land is sacred and that all of your life has been and is a sacred journey. That really means that where you are right now is Sacred Space.

 Rainy Mountain

The Washita and Chief Blackkettle of The Cheyenne

Taos and the Keeper Of the Mountain

Greece, Delphi and Patmos

Ute Mountain Lands of Southern Colorado

Capulain Mountain Of New Mexico



The GrandFather Stones.....Guardians of The Sacred Land

June 21,2005....Ceremony to "Protect Native American Sacred Places. National Museum Of The American Indian
Organized by Morning Star Institute, Washington DC.

"The world, the air, the land, trees. water, mountains, animals, fish and fowl are precious gifts from God. Appreciating diversity is understanding and knowing what is important to my brothers and sisters who are culturally and religiously different. In accepting and loving my Native American brothers and sisters, I respect their feelings. what is important to them is also important to me: therefore I stand firm in believing that we must all work collaboratively to help protect and preserve our Native American Sacred Places."

....Kimberly Dixon Harris. General Commission On Religion and Race. United Methodist Church.

...."Look up, you see the Sun(The Giver of Life), the Sky, the Stars, the Clouds and all the Winged Ones. Look around you, you see the Mountains, the Hills, the Trees, The Four-Legged Ones. Look at where you are walking: you see the Mother Earth and all the things she gives us, all the plants, the Rocks, the Sand and all that creep and crawl, and the Water(Life Giver) and all the ones that live under the Water. We are all related and we are part of that relationship. Without those things, we cannot survive.
Mother Earth is a Sacred Place. She has been generous and kind to us. Let us all pray to the Four Directions, lift our eyes toward the Sky and look around at those Sacred places that no more harm will come to Our Mother and the Creator will hear our Prayers on this Day. Our Mother is a Sacred Place.

....Curly Bear Wagner...Blackfeet Cree Nation. Browning Montana.

Morning Star Institute has been active in the Protection of Sacred Lands for many years all over North America.