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Singing Stones Sangha:community of mindful living

The Mindfulness Bell. Journal of the Order Of Inner Being and Of Plum village. the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Other links of Mindfulness


Home site for Larry and Peggy Ward.Dharma teachers in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Osage Forest of Peace. A special place of retreat and renewal in The Osage Hills that honors the spiritual search revealed in all traditions.


Ecozoic means 'House of Life' A Ecozoic Society means a 'Society of Life.The Center for Ecozoic Studies is a continuation of the visionary work of Fr. Thomas Berry and Dream Of the Earth. Hermann Greene, Founder and President studied with Fr. Thomas for eighteen years and hosts conferences worldwide.

Welcome Home Warrior is the creative response of a skillful woman to the needs of returning veterans and their families dealing with PTSD.A inspiration to all of us.

Spiritual teacher and sundancer. WES HAMIL brings blues, rock, folk and Native all together. A White man with a red heart. Has something of a Woody Guthrie Spirit. An incredible story of moving out of the darkness into the light. A real honest truth seeker Enjoy


How To Use Music as a Guide for Meditation

Create your sacred time and space without distractions.
1. As the music begins, become aware of your breath and any tension in your body. Imagine the stress and tension gently flowing from,your body.
2. Observe your breath becoming more natural, quiet and even.
3. Be aware you are surrounded by the Presence of Divine Love. Accept this awareness and receive the Gifts which it brings.
4. Allow the notes and rhythm of the music to slowly and gently play over your body, touching any places of need.
5. Journal any thoughts feelings,images or words that emerged. Express with colorful drawings, magazine images,etc
6. Complete with a Prayer or Ritual of gratitude that is comfortable for you.


Not sure just how I first encountered Joe but his Meditation/song 'breathing" caught my heart. The decision was made to bring him to Oklahoma for a Mindfulness retreat with Larry Ward and Peggy Rowe. He is an inspired Dharma Teacher in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Joe is a singer, songwriter, social worker and educator from Michigan who writes songs from the heart. Joe uses his music to bring people together and to build community across lines of race, class, gender and ethnicity He is Italian, Irish and Native American (Cherokee).


Sky Warriors:Jesse Ghere-Feather