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....Being an Artist is much more than 'doing' art. It is the 'way' we live our BEING.

I am letting go of everything unnecessary from my life

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure
It is our light, not our darkness
that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am Ito be,
brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabalous?
Actually, who are you NOT to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world
there's nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest
the glory of God that is within us;
It's not just in some of us
And as we let our own light shine
We unconcsiously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear
our presence automatically liberates others!
(Nelson Mandela,1994 Inaugural Speech)


: "In the midst of war and tragedy, I walk the rocky hillside
sowing clover." (In a dark time, the eye begins to see)
Wendell Berry

It is the small things that we're all doing that is making a big difference -we're weaving a new fabric. The key is to be able to take in the pain and the tragedy and all the problems we see and not be paralyzed by it; not to shut
it out. The enormity of the task can serve to motivate us to move to new levels of commitment and action.
To be people of hope is to give the greatest gift we have to our children.
Having a positive image of the future is critical to being able to act. If we have only a negative image of the future then we become paralyzed.
We must sow the clover - the seeds of hope - in our children.

Story: A lady in the arid east planted a date tree seed at age 80. It was a profound act of hope. It takes 80 years +or a date tree to grow and develop to the point that it produces even a single date. If you don't understand that
process then there is no way you could plant such a seed. You wouldn't understand what is happening to the tree. Most of the 80 years the tree looks like it's dead. You might cut it down if you didn't know. You must understand
that the process involves breakdown and suffering and death.
Many are looking at the problems around the world and saying that all these problems are due to greed and materialism and sin and evil, or saying "we are an inherently aggressive or evil people. We're a mistake. We're condemned." If we try to sustain our energies out of guilt or out of this overwhelming sense of defeat then we won't make it for the long haul.

Thomas Berry has tried to explain why we see so much breakdown. He says that there is a crisis in our cosmology - our basic story about the nature of the
universe. Every culture has such a story. This story shapes the identity of the culture and the social structures that the society creates. It is the source of
meaning. Berry says that our cosmology in the 'West is outmoded and dysfunctional. Our whole way of viewing the universe is causing unprecedented destruction in our natural and human Environments. Our greatest task may be to
reshape our cosmology.
The cosmology of native people(peoples) is an example of how it can shape a whole society. They believed that the Earth was the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit lived inside the Earth. The Earth was made of spirit. Anything that lived and breathed was participating in the G. S. Their stories enabled them to understand the nature of the universe as being primarily spiritual. The Earth was the
mother, it was alive, it was the womb. Everything that came out of the womb was a relative. That was their basic science. Their religion, ethic, economic and
social system had to be consistent with this basic definition of the world. It never occurred to them to own property - to buy and sell the womb. They lived here for some 4,000 years. Their relationship to Earth was obviously different.
They didn't develop the material world. They didn't regard the world as a thing.
They spent their time developing the inner person.
In the West, our cosmology, our whole structure of thought, our way of seeing the universe had a obvious impact upon what has taken place in western
civilization. The West saw the divine as something out there or up there but not in this ordinary world - the spirit realm was in another place. The human was
also spirit but he had to transcend the world in order to link up with the divine. The place where that divine human connection occurred was in a spirit realm. The world wasn't included in this picture. The world was alien to that connection. The world was seen as just -a material reality. The world was seen as just stuff, a place. That perception made us detached from the Earth. We were
free to probe, explore and analyze it and rearrange it. We
discovered things about the Earth's physical energies. The more we learned, the more we could apply them - more and more was revealed. This is the story of science and technology from the wheel to the computer. That perception enabled us to take what we thought was the last part of this great physical machine: the atom, and split it. Since that took place, the physicists have been talking
about the inner spaces within that began to sound a lot like what the Indians were telling us. Science today tells us that all of the earlier assumptions about the
separateness of all things no longer works. (from the fate of the earth) Sister M. McGillie
My Note: Yes the Sacred Circle and all that it teaches shows us another way. so in small ways we weave a new fabric and a new hope.






BJ  says "Living The Art Full Life Begins This Way

....Be a channel of unconditional love
....Live Forgiveness
....Whatever the project, maintain full body contact
....When you finish one project. give a full body shake
....when you start another project..give a full body shake
....Stay close to the people who love you
....On cold days, sleep in the sun.
....On all days, take lots of naps

....Practice four-paw meditation.

 If you need directions, its done this way.

Lie on your back, all paws extended in whatever direction they want to go.
....Mark your territory and guard it with your life.
....Seek adventure at every possible opportunity.
....Take the risk of getting lost. Run off from home whenever you get a chance.
....Welcome all strangers with lots of tail wags and lick kisses.
....When taking care of the basics, always move in circles.
....When sad. Find a lap.
....When happy. Find a lap.
....When cold. Find a lap.
....Assume that everyone is a lap until they prove otherwise, then just ignore them. Go about your business which is all of the above. But be sure to do a shake-off first.


More From BJ

....scratch where it itchs, no matter how embarrassing to others.
....Never fail to bark, even if you have nothing to bark at.It's a good    breathing exercise.
....Keep an air of superiority, even when drinking your water
....If you want something. Sit. Look with out flinching and don't move. Others will soon get the message.
....If they give you something and you don't want it. Be polite. Take it and hide it.
....Remember. the golden rule. Never take handouts from strangers.
....Always bark ferociously at anything either smaller or bigger than you and because you have a image to maintain, always show your teeth.
....Never settle for less than 15 mintutes of brushing. It's a dog-right.
....Always look cute when you are in trouble.
If you want attention, chase your tail. If you really want attention,Ignore them.
....Never fail to smell all flowers, then water them.
....Never fail to step on your owners face when they are sleeping.
....When introducing yourself, always remember it's what behind you that counts.
....Never pass up getting petted, and always, always, always remember that no matter what is said or who is around that


....When  a friend betrays you, know it is their problem, not yours and continue with your own business. 

Reclaim the spiritual power that already lives within you.
We complicate our lives and our days attempting to block our inate creative spirit that is attempting to find the channels of expression. We cover our fears and our emptiness with all kinds of addictions and activities, excuses and justifications that ultimately leave us
depressed and void of purpose and meaning. All the time there is a light deep inside of us that is seeking to find wings to fly, seeking liberation from the prisons of our fears.

YOU are equal to all others
some may have greater talents and power
Where you are lacking
But you are greater in areas where they cannot go.
Do not stop your own growth and progression
by trying to emulate...
or follow...anyone.
step out in courage
develop all that you are meant to be
look for new experiences...
meet new people
learn to add all new dimensions
to your present and future
You ae one of a kind...

equal to every other person. accept that fact
live it...use it...stand tall
in belief of who you are
reach for the highest accomplishment
touch it...grasp it
know it is within your ability
live to win in life
and you will .

....diane westlake



It is all about seeing in a different way