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Welcome to this sacred place
take off your shoes
you are on Holy Ground
As we walk upon this hillside land
as we gather around the sacred fire
Let all smoke be that of prayer
an offering to the four directions and Mother Earth and Father Sky
Let all words woven here be as gentle as the deer
wise as the owl seeking and speaking only truth
that we may remember  where we are from
 discover where we are going
That all life is sacred.
I am excited that people from all over theworld are visiting this site,
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How Singing Stones Came To Be

We sit on a hill in the Green Country of Oklahoma.
This place in recent history is Muskogee Creek lands,
but in even more ancient times,
hunting and camping grounds
for much earlier tribal peoples.

An ancient natural grinding stone
speaks to us of women
who once ground their food grains.
Around the fires,stories were told,
skills were taught. Clothing, cooking,hunting and ceremonial items
were created with beautiful designs
that expressed both daily life and spiritual visions.
And the women were always singing.

The Stones watched, listened
and they remembered.
Now when Night has covered Earth Mother
with sleep robes woven with the patterns
of Moon and Stars,
when one listens with the SpiritHeart,
the women can be heard
singing with the Winds and the whispers
of the Trees.

River flows underground with Life Waters.
Birth of Day is blessed by Hawk
and Eagle circles with watchful eye.
The Land gives birth to Story.
With a longing yearning desire,
Stone has a story, Tree has a story.
All the creatures join the Circle
for these sacred moments
of speaking and listening.

Here at Singing Stones
we stop,listen and hear
the Story the land is speaking.
We discover and tell the stories
that are within ourselves.
Here we connect with Mother Earth,Father Sky,
the Great Mystery of The Sacred Circle of Life.
We discover there is Harmony and Balance.
We are related as family.

This place of hospitality and welcome
is held in trust
to support the spiritual longing
that is in each of us,
a Gift from the Creator for the Good of All.
A sacred Trust
for healing of the wounded Spirit.

The Sacred Task is to share and grow
with others, leaving the destination
to The Great Mystery.
We are clearing the trail, trusting Spirit.

Trusting the Voices of the Ancient Stones.
With Gratitude!!